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I think Bilal will have new love flame :siffle:


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^^^^ I hope that .. I want Ahu to be free for Ecevit :wub:


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Sleepers Episode 7 Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY8P4RwIrWw (The video's owner prevents external embedding)

Zeki: Today, a feeling inside of you… Spring is coming, weather is beautiful, life is beautiful, (shows Zeki), it is not like feeling, its like prediction (second sight) tells me, today everything will turn out beautiful.

Ecevit remembers it

Ecevit: I hope your not suspicious of me still, the man said it himself that I am clean. You left me with the man, I run away and saved my life.

Irfan: Okay, I understand

Ecevit: You understand, but you tell me what you going to do? The man saw that I was on your side, he also heard that I said kill him. I wanted to prove i'm innocent look what condition I have fall under. What is going to happen to me now?

Irfan: We will protect you.

Zeki: Today you fooled your enemies. Today, you saved your family.

Ecevit: Sure, the ones who came they were not police.

Irfan: We know this.

Ecevit: They were Naim's man, or whoever is after you.

Irfan: Who ever they are, I will wipe their mother's…

Ecevit: Do you believe (trust) me now?

Irfan: Depends what condition your asking

Ecevit: Do you or not believe (trust) me? You know it… If you do listen to what I',m suggesting… If you don't then… I think you should stop for now. Leave Naim alone, you kidnapped the man, you beat him up, you already sent the message needed. Wait and see what they will do in return. Prepare yourself, maybe they are not asking for more. How do we know this? Wouldn't that help you? Irfan if this is your game, its your time.

Zeki: Today everything is going well, today everything will be very beautiful. Today, nothing bad will happen to anyone.


Ibo: Go on, go, what has happened, he has called us without us even eating, what are we going to do now?

Bilal: I am already angry (my nerves already high)! Stop this or else I will push you downstairs! Allah Allaaah

Ibo: Okay, go…

Ahu: What is this smell?

Bilal: Is Ecevit burning himself?

Ibo: Ohhhhh Hala Hala…

Ecevit: Surprise!

Bilal: Aga, I thought you don't like surprises

Ecevit: I am bored of sitting here every day and talking about plans. Today, I will tell also fill our stomach. You guys are making fun of me since I'm cooking, you guys taste these and after beg me for it. You will say "Ecevit please cook for us."

Ahu: What are these? Are we going to order things with these?

Ecevit: You know how you were saying Gurur, is after us? He is listening (after them he means) to us now. I got new lines, the conversations we will have will be by those from now on. The lines are new, now its time for food.

Ibo: There is a game, look! Snake snake

Bilal: ……. :D

Ecevit: Dear Iska, this is yours for sure, I couldn't find cheese, but I still tried something different you'll like it. And this is your herb omelet, young lady like green, I didn't forget it.

Bilal: Me? Me?

Ecevit: How can I forget you brother? I made the nicest one for you, with roast

Bilal: Hahah roast, your so great Serif

Ecevit: Oh your sweet since yesterday..

(Bilal gets text message)

Naim: Get to me, within one hour.

Zeki: Some of our predictions will turn out true today. The actual question is; The way we want it? Or the the ones we fear of the most?


Ibo: We ate so much! Serif, I swear everything was so good!

Bilal: Aga, did you talk to your father again?

Ecevit: Yes, I visited this morning…

He remembers it

Ecevit: For me father, for me don't be around for awhile. Irfan won't come after you but we cant take the risk.

Naim: Who get's scare of Irfan. I didn't say anything there for you, to protect you. But this is not how its going to be, tell me what they have done so that I can give trouble.

Ecevit: It is nothing that I can tell you. I am fine, you kept quiet there and acted like a father by listening. Now, do the same. Don't be around for a while so that I don't have to worry about you too please. Accept?

Ecevit: He accepted it. We should continue with ours. Irfan.

Ibo: we shall, how are we going to take him down? What is our next step?

Ecevit: Step, is the right word. Until now, we didn't success because we tried to do everything at once. But this time, we will go step by step.

Bilal: Ay, meaning we will wait for one more year?

Ecevit: We waited for 20 years Sri, didn't we keep quiet for 20 years? Beside I didn't say one year, I said step by step. First step, is to track Irfan's job.

Bilal: Okay, we will get these men for what they do today but it is not like police doesn't know what they are doing.

Ecevit: (they play game) Police they don't find him because there is a system, until those systems are broken, they cant catch Irfan. This is what we will do, we will break the system.

Ahu: How is that going to happen?

Remembers again

Ecevit: Like I said, when I needed then I will call for guards. Don't make anyone follow me, I go to court they will get the attention.

Hasan: Brother, the man came, the phone is not working, they want us to do it. what should I tell them?

Irfan: You will say you will do it, what will you say son? We cant stop our work… give it to me, I shall speak (Ecevit leaves) Hello….

Ecevit with Bilal and them again

Ecevit: He got a new job, but it is clear his work is not doing well. What this man is doing? Where his money is coming from? We will solve these first.

Bilal: We shall solve it, separate his men, and make his wills upside down. So that he gets upset and makes a mistake then police will get him. Goal!

Ecevit: continue, its not over! You cheater! Like I said, no killing! I am one lawyer and you guys are helping! No killing! We will not make any mistakes like this, especially today! Today, nothing bad will happen to anyone!

Bilal: what? Should I take you to games? Huh?

Ahu: I'm going to ask you something, you guys went there and did all these, didn't he say anything?

Ecevit: He did, Irfan said he will protect me.

Bilal: Who is he protecting who from who? (they all laugh) Now I am happy, after seen Irfan's face this way. That sweet desert

Ahu: What sweet?

Goes back in time…

Little Ecevit: Okay, run, run. Sari, Sari… Run irfan is coming! Run! Irfan is coming…

Little Bilal: Irfan! Irfan

Little Ecevit: Happy Birthday little

All of them: Open it! Open

Little Ecevit: This is all you get here, little cake and delight (turkish delight)

Little Bilal: Delight?

Little Ibo: Serif, shall we give our presents?

Little Zeki: Its surprise

Little Bilal: There is gifts?

Little Ecevit: You have all these now, you will use one a day. Until its down, we are leaving here already.

Little Bilal: I will always keep these, I will always keep it

Little Zeki: Oh you son

Little Ibo: Let him cry a little son, we did so much until we got these

Irfan: (I would say little Irfan but honestly this is BIG irfan hahahha)

Irfan: You weren't going to call me for your birthday?

Little Ecevit: Today is Sari's birthday, it will be whatever he wants.

Irfan: Sari?

Little Bilal: Takoz brother, if I give you one of these… but you don't come to my birthday.


Little Bilal: Don't eat it! don't eat it! These are goods! I will give them to Irfan so that he doesn't come

Them: Ah! They are coming!

Little Bilal: Ah! Today is my birthday! I will eat the most!

Bilal: Yeah, this is how it was… they ate all my delight

Ibo: You ate all….

Ecevit: I'm leaving

Bilal: To aunty? (he means Birsen)

Ecevit: No, I'm going to visit Damat. And from there I will check on Irfan and you

Bilal: And I in the neighbourhood.

Ahu: Ecevit, I was going to say thing since he said "aunty", you know your girlfriend Birsen?

Ecevit: So?

Ahu: Are you happy with her?

Ecevit: I?… I'm happy. Meaning we're happy. No one will take my problem aside from her.

Ahu: Good, then pay attention to the girl

Ecevit: What is this has to do now?

Ahu: Let's say its woman thing. Pay attention (look after) to her. Time is passing by, meaning when your with her, let her feel that your happy with her. Now she is left alone, now she may not know what she's doing. What I am trying to say is don't upset the girl for no reason.

Ecevit: Okay, fine.


The man comes and he tells Gurur that he heard Bilal and Ibrahim talking, and then he asked about Ecevit, he said nothing from him. Then he told him to go on and continue listening


Bilal and Naim

Naim: come sit, it will take long. So that you don't get tired from standing. Because, you will tell everything.

Bilal: Everything?

Naim: What revenge are you guys getting from them? What did you guys do, since their after you?

Bilal: Would I tell you this man?

Naim: You know it, then I will go tell Ecevit. What you did to Huseyin and the lies you said. Make your decision, when you leave close the door.


Ecevit and Damat

Ecevit: Good thing you retired Damat, these are a lots of homework.

Damat: Look if these is any mistakes, its like you. He keeps saying father, son its not father, its teacher. But no listening…

Ecevit: Damat, I will tell you something.

Damat: Good for you, he (the student) has solved this too. (He's marking, I think he is a private teacher now). You tell me, I am listening.

Ecevit: I am back with my father (meaning they talk now). He has always helped Zeki, after he has done so much for me. He has erased my file. Yesterday, Irfan got him, he didn't say anything. You know him, he does more, but he didn't do anything. Because of him, now I am clean in front of Irfan's eyes. Can it be Damat? Can it possible my dad has changed?

Damat: He changed huh?

Ecevit: I don't know, maybe we will start everything from beginning. Sure, he wouldn't return with all the things he took but…

Damat: Sure he doesn't give back! He wouldn't give back what he took from you or me! You can forget it Ecevit, but I will not! I will not!

Damat remembers it…

Damat: My lady, what is it? My dear wife (he finds her dead uzgun.gif )

Ecevit: Uncle

Damat: Don't touch me! I do whatever I can do for you, God is above us, he knows what I do. But, you have taken this Naim and beside him his small copy Bilal. It is not for myself Ecevit! I am done already, I am scared for you! Where your going is not right son! The way your going, you will dirt your hands. Your hands will not be left clean, I can see that. Your hands will get dirty too, do you hear me Ecevit? It will get dirty…


Bilal: That is it! Those men, punished (hurt) us inside (jail). You going to leave me alone?

Naim: You think I'm your enemy right? I am not, I am your everything

Bilal: Go away man

Naim: Not me, but one day someone else will leave

Bilal: What is that mean?

Naim: When this job is done you think Ecevit will stay at your ***** store?

Bilal: Sure he will stay with us

Naim: Why should he son? Ecevit has everything, he has the best of best! Sure he will go away. While you cleaning people's car, he with his sport car will be saving istanbul's rights.

Bilal: Okay I am leaving

Naim: You will come to me for the things you want to owe

Bilal: Why would I come to you? why?

Naim: Because you will be alone, For good!

Bilal: Did you hit your head? Are you listening what's coming out of your mouth?

Naim: I see how you look at Ecevit when Ahu's name is mentioned. I see how that girl is still attached to my son!

Bilal: You ***** trouble!

Naim: When a man's eyes blind and is opened, he will believe whatever he sees Sari. Do not cheat (convince) on yourself, I see everything. Those two, slowly, without wanting it, without them being aware of it, they will get attached to each other again. That is their destiny.

Zeki: Human lives just to get their augury right. If you want it to happen, don't ever say it out loud, either just deny it.

Bilal: Hello, Ahu, shall we go out for dinner this evening? Let's go to a calm place…

Zeki: …. or give yourself to something else, for example to your enemies.

Ecevit: Ayla, write it down. Irfan, search anything related to him. Get anything related to him, I will be there soon. Also there is something else…


Girl: This is Irfan's file, everything is in here

Ecevit: Okay thank you

Birsen: What happen? You called me?

Ecevit: Sermet doesn't look at my face anymore. After the case… why are you mad at me? I call you and you don't answer.

Birsen: I don't wait for your phone every day, I have a life too

Ecevit: I was going to tell how, how lucky I am that your still with me.

Birsen: Really? I am not sure anymore

Ecevit: Your right, because of me, I acted like I don't care about the life here I have. You and Sermet, you both don't know how important you two are and what kind of air you two give to me.

Birsen: Seems like we don't though, you know how you have your old friends now?

Ecevit: No, its not like this. How important they are, that is how much you guys are too. Tonight, your favour restaurant and your favour table. I made a reservation, for both of us, what do you say? You up for tonight?

Zeki: It's not like its always bad,..

Ecevit: Tonight is a beautiful day, today nothing bad will happen Birsen. Trust me…

Zeki: Let today, what you are (his condition) be the truth. (shows Ibo and Bilal) as long as its not bad for others, doesn't matter.


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Thank you a million times michiper68 :loveshower: :loveshower: :loveshower: ,I am watching ep 7 right now.I try to finish season 1 ASAP.


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Where can I find the rest ? I mean is there any link ? :faim:


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Your hands are already dirty, Ecevit..






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