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  1. If it is Emir that pulls them out, he will try to save Nihan only. If she comes to still inside she'll likely put up such a fight not to leave Kemal that Emir would have to make that 'I can't believe I'm doing this' face and rescue Kemal too just to appease her. Need fragman now!!!! However will we wait until the next episode?!
  2. Oh wow, is it over? OMG! I am positive it was Hakkan who was shot, by Emir's man. Maybe from behind Hakkan? Because we all know Emir always wins in this show. I hope he is okay, Hakkan doesn't deserve to die because of Emir. What a cliffhanger!
  3. I literally gasped out loud and jumped, omg!
  4. Yes, he does deserve that but that's an escape for him. Want him to suffer behind bars!
  5. Galip deserves jail for life. He already tried to kill his own wife and left her under sedation even though she was showing signs of waking up earlier. Emir sounded more human than he did regarding Leyla.
  6. It sounded like 'radioactive', not sure if it has the same meaning when they say it in Turkey.
  7. Wow, really amazed at the responses to possible Zeynep and Hakkan wedding on Facebook and Instagram in particular. Wow, there are some very hateful Zeymir fans out there! A lot of anger, they need anger management classes. And lives to focus on! Never seen anything like it on this forum, glad we're civilized! Why they feel the need to attack other fans in order to support Zeymir is beyond me. I am not a fan, I don't even see where they see love and 'perfect couple' status but you don't need to attack other fans or rip other characters apart just to elevate yours, that's just silly.
  8. Anyone have a link to the summary? I saw the photos on FB but no link to a summary. Three fragmans kind of gives away a lot - but it's just to ensure we're all watching to see how things turn out! And it worked, darn it, I might have to watch live, even if I understand nothing just to see if Kemal will calm down and come around. I get that it's a lot to take in, he feels responsible but Nihan doesn't blame him clearly and wants to be with him. Something that isn't quite clear though from all this (or maybe I missed it in one of the previous episodes) is yes, Tarik did the hanging. How did Emir then organise the forensic woman to go in and make the room look like a suicide? Did Zeynep call him, did Tarik tell him? As he really wasn't involved other than the plan to remove him from the hospital which didn't go ahead, then what was the motivation - to save Zeynep? To make certain it didn't look like a murder so no one would investigate it thoroughly at the time?
  9. Okay, as much as I like Mercan's intelligence, taking action to solve Ozan's murder and finding out all she has about the various people involved...that moment outside the police station was not okay! I wanted to believe there was nothing there, I wanted to believe they could write a strong female character who doesn't immediately fall for the hero but alas, they couldn't do that. This has me worried she's there for a reason...a reason we won't like at the end of the series. I did enjoy the Nihan and Kemal moments, the smiles, the talk they had and the fact that Kemal now knows why she left the second time. I could not believe I was watching the Nihan we have come to know when she drugged Asu and convinced her she was going to die from poison. I was sitting there going, 'no, this is not the Nihan we know. She couldn't do this.' I did enjoy that Nihan though, taking action like that and of course, she hadn't really poisoned Asu! Random question - Leyla is meant to be how old? And Ayhan? Come off it that they're going to have a biological child at their ages. As if! I would happily support them adopting, but their own? It's a bit much. Vildan has 30 year old children for goodness sakes, making her at least 50 years old. If she and Leyla are close in age, then that is beyond insane. Anyway, I digress. As much as I love Leyla and Ayhan, that conversation was on the crazy side. This new fragman has me worried but I will wait for the next one. Yes, Kemal would of course think he can't be with Nihan, that is what he thought when he found out about Zeynep. Yet they remained together. Now..well, Nihan did go to the police station, I am not sure if she went to kill Tarik with her bare hands or be a support to Kemal...imagine what he is going through. Or just to stand there looking heartbroken and walk away, who knows. Mercan's words in the trailer I am not sure about. Maybe she is actually encouraging him that all will be well or she will take the opportunity before her. Come on KS writers, you just couldn't write a strong female character who didn't want to chase after Kemal. How disappointing. I mean Hakkan is right there all heartbroken, but nope. They brought in Mercan so Nihan could be jealous be what? The new girlfriend if they do split at the end? Why the actual heck are we watching the will they/won't they love story for 2 years then if Nihan and Kemal are not together at the end of this drama? I still believe Nihan will be pregnant at the end, the writers added the recent moments with Kemal for a reason. Otherwise they don't give us romantic scenes. There's a reason there have been several encounters now - so that it leads to pregnancy. That's what I think anyway!
  10. I saw that vid earlier, it's awesome! Reminds me why I love NihKem so much!
  11. I watched a little bit without subs so haven't formed an opinion yet about any new developments but OMG, did Kemal have a romantic birthday. We of course saw none of it except Nihan helping him put the shirt back on afterwards. She's so going to get pregnant again by the end of the season. If she isn't already after the cake scene! They were very cute and what was that I detected, chemistry? And lots of it! NihKem are back! I would have liked to see more of a birthday but I guess since he's on the run from the law, it was hard to have a proper birthday. Would have liked to see him with Deniz too. I didn't understand all Nihan's jealousy but I did work out when she made Kemal say he loved her very much. He thinks she's hilarious really. I love her expressions! Mercan is a character I like actually. Smart, witty, holds her own, has a cool wardrobe and generally likes to make people uncomfortable. Nihan has absolutely nothing to worry about. Mercan is too smart to ever develop feelings for a suspect. She's no damsel in distress, she's got spunk and so far has covered more ground than Hakkan in working out the murderers. She's on Ozan's case now so let's see how quickly she uncovers Asu. I can't wait for them to meet. Asu thinks she's the only smart one but wait until she meets Mercan. I think Kemal will swallow her lies, sadly he still doesn't get that Asu is dangerous. Vildan broke my heart again, she owns those scenes. I didn't know what she was saying but I could tell everyone who heard her was affected. Hakkan spoke to Tarik..why? Did Emir give Hakkan the idea that he needs to question Tarik further?
  12. Sounds interesting, can't wait to see how it unfolds!
  13. So wait, what has Tarik done with the body? How disrespectful! Would he like his body to be disrespected like that? Tarik is too far gone. I hope he dies and no one grieves for him once they all know what he did. Zeynep is still an angel compared to Tarik. Poor Vildan, I can only imagine her response once she find this out. I don't remember the name of the actress who plays her but my gosh, she always plays it out so well. You believe she really is grieving for her son. Had to laugh at Leyla and Ayhan, he promises to give that life up and then runs off helping Kemal prove he's not a murderer. Gradual transition as Leyla said! I can't believe Kemal was stupid enough to be drugged. My first thought was that sly witch impregnated herself but according to the flashback Tufan was constantly there and they had to work quickly so I am reasonably satisfied it was what we saw and nothing else. Not like Tufan would ever sit back and allow that to happen! Nihan was so funny being jealous but she also showed some maturity in how she responded to finding out Kemal saw Asu the night before, she didn't jump to conclusions. And her scene with Emir also was a reminder of her character, she could not leave Emir there just as she could not leave Zeynep before. It's the compassionate side of Nihan, no matter the circumstances, no matter what Emir has done, she was still there. The conversation they had was rather enlightening, I did feel for Emir but that's not because of his character, it's because of Kaan. The scene with his mother was also very touching, poor thing, she's just recovering and she has to deal with everything that happens in that house! As for the new Komiser - she's sharp, I'll give her that. She notices all the details. I didn't see anything inappropriate in her interactions with Kemal, Nihan was jealous for no reason. The pink heels are hilarious considering she says she has back problems! She did appear to make a mistake when she went alone to arrest Kemal, I hope he doesn't mind resisting arrest being added to his record. Hakkan also didn't try very hard to arrest him, just because Nihan was standing there or did he really hesitate to give him a chance to get away? I need a trailer, I really need a trailer!
  14. I just watched the episode. There are so many pieces to the Ozan murder that I am not even sure the writers remember which pieces they have given us. It looks like Asu planned it, Emir cancelled his plan, but Tarik freaked out and tried to help Zeynep by hanging Ozan. Somehow though Emir is involved again by sending that woman in to clean up the crime scene. So he can't be innocent otherwise that woman would have contacted Asu, not him. Did Tarik call him after Zeynep left the room? He can't have been dead already by her actions, maybe the poison given by Gurcan? Had to laugh at both Asu and Emir being told off by their mother. It was sweet what Emir said to Asu about how their childhood's could have been different. When she said she had another plan beyond hiding, I knew she would fake her death. And how convenient the neighbours heard Kemal threatening her. All fingers will be pointed to Kemal, bet he will be pulled in for questioning again. Poor guy is constantly at police stations. Leyla and Ayhan, omg, I felt so sad. She was so worried about him and the scene at the garage was tough. But she has a good point. The Nihan and Kemal scenes were kind of hilarious. Jealous Nihan is pretty funny, plus she's such a big kid anyway and she always was. She was always on the childish side but that makes her who she is. I prefer to see a real character, with flaws and all. Now Nihan obviously grew up with a silver spoon so she's always had it easier but she's still herself - wanting to have fun and as she told Kemal, she's a teenager next to him. Young love and all! I kind of think it's time for jealous Kemal, that's pretty funny too. So we had sweet NihKem moments, working together for a common cause and loved that Kemal got to see Deniz and have time with her. I believe I may have actually seen Nihan wearing appropriate shoes at some point too, shocking! As for the news about a new cop - good, hopefully Hakkan falls for her and forgets about Zeynep. She doesn't love him and it isn't fair to him. He covered for her with her parents, took responsibility for the baby that isn't his, asked her to marry him, gave her a ring and all she can say is a half-hearted okay. Not cool Zeynep!
  15. I think the portrayal is improving actually. Sinners by whose standard? Turkey's? They are both married but their marriages have never been consummated. Turkey has many other problems, for example the treatment of women, than what has been portrayed between Kemal and Nihan. It isn't an ideal situation by anyone's standard but I wouldn't call it sinning. Religion's standard? You'd need to believe in a religion. I don't, so the term sinning is rather meaningless. Religion believes many things are a sin. I think the characters have evolved as necessary from season 1. They have both been through a lot and this has changed them as people.