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  1. were did you find about Z with a goat????? SA lipstick on what???? and what did i miss
  2. omg he is too smart
  3. that black&white one were the roses only were pink
  4. can you plss help me to find that pic of bahri with flowers
  5. if i would be devorced i dont want anything to do with my ex ,i am only 16 years old i dont know how it is to be devorced and have a child HA
  6. haai ik typ gewoon in het nederlands ik weet niet of je belgisch of frans praat maar ik wilde zeggen dat ik ook een marokkaan ben
  7. ofcours P is angry you want to star a new life and a women keep getting in the way she is doing bad thgs to sinan wouldnt you react like that because he was first nice to her and tried to help her sorry i made a lot of mistakes i am in the classroom
  8. bigger qustion why is sinan still there they dont want to give sinan to P but they want to let sinan with a crazy witch
  9. does baba knows that the baby isnt sads child???
  10. how late wil this drama ends
  11. what happend between bahri and songul???
  12. And begum thinks that her life is hard, look at AG and P
  13. it was a joke i was going to say that to songul but i was to late
  14. i am going to jump into my screen to slap AG