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  1. Thanks Katia Daneel! Makes the ending more meaningful! Just loved their hug!
  2. Thanks, Mer Abla, hopefully it will have at least 34 to 36 episodes! What we are hearing about changing the director and script writer too! I just hope they do not ruin the show!
  3. WLTEX has subtitled Diliris Ertugrul Bolum 7 and 8 already!
  4. I simply love watching Defne and Omer together... they are so sweet together!
  5. Mer Abla, which episode will be the end of season 1 and then when season 2 will be shown? I do not like Deniz or Iz... both are very irritating characters and will be glad when they exit!!
  6. Queen and Hilal Thank you for letting us know about these two sleazy characters -Iz and Deniz- will leave the show after 5 episodes....but I hope Omer will return in Season two and make up with Defne and their love will not die but will be re-kindled to last for ever! These two together have an amazing on screen chemistry as a couple, almost similar to Kenan and Berguzar had in Karadayi ...although Kenan and Berguzar's performances were of the world class level! Baris is a handsome young man with potential and will do great in this series..he and Defne have won many hearts many love this series already.
  7. SHORT SUMMARY OF BOLUM 27 Sept 30th Wed: Ertugrul is taken a prisoner by Mongols and tortured. Before he is attacked he and Halime are standing under the tree, their favourite meeting spot...Halime tells him she is pregnant…He is thrilled and shouts loudly he will be a Baba to his child…just then he is attacked an arrow comes but he averts the arrow...He insists Halime to run back home and get help. She runs but is followed by a group of Mongols…she fights back and all are killed.She take aErtugrul's horse and manages to escape. She manages to reach the camp and tells the story to Hayme Ana …all pray for Ertugrul’s and Gundogu his Abi and his 4 warriors set out to look for him.. One of the men with them is a informer-snitch of the Mongols and a traitor Ertugrul’s friend doubts him and he figures he is up to some tricks…he misleads them to wrong direction… Gundogu finds Ertugrul’s ring in the grass…they go on tracking Ertu’s trail but by then the Mongols have taken him to their leader’s castle. Aikido was badly burnt She dies at the camp and Turgut is heartbroken and sobs hold Aykiz's burnt body in his arms. SHORT SUMMARY BOLUM 28 October 7th Wed: They all feel sorrow over Ertugrul after finding his sword and rings in the fire.Back at the Mongol camp Ertugrul is taken to the Mongol camp and tied to the post The cruel Mongols tie Ertugrul to the post after killing the girl. The Crazy Mongol nails Ertugrul’s hand to tree post.. he is in great pain. , the hand is tied to the tree…he refused to listen to become their spy. He faints and is left tied and nailed to the post. At the camp Korkut Bey’s son is being nasty to Ertugrul’s men. Gundogu rescues the man…they are living at Korkut’s camp. Halime is heartbroken talks to Ertugrul’s horse. Ertugrul gains consciousness and all the Mongol soldiers walking about. He takes out the hidden knife and tries to cut the rope. Korkut’s son eyes Gokce, Selcan's sister and tries to chat her up…he likes her. He tells her he wants to marry her…she accepts by nodding and smiling. Korkut’s wife is watching him At Mongol cam the leader discusses with the religious fakir. He is given a box of jewels as a gift. By the cruel Mongol. Selcan’s is not happy about Korkut’s son advances towards her sister Hayme Ana comes to Korkut’s tent for a meeting. Hayme Ana gets a flashback of her husband Suleman Bey sitting on the same throne addressing his camp people.. Gundogu snaps her out of the dream…she talks to K Bey. And all agree to take revenge from the Mongols That Mongol snitch goes to inform the Mongol spy about the joint decision by the Turk Camp to take revenge from the Mongols. The 4 warriors go on a recce and split into two and go looking for Ertugrul’s enemy. At the Mongols camp the crazy bald guy is doing his wild spiritual dance Ertugrul is still tied to the post. He is in great pain…but tries to free his nailed hand… Halime is in her tent thinking of Ertugrul and her unborn baby. Korkut's wife is conspiring with the herb woman, she talks to the other guy while black smith Demir is all ears. Demir throws away his sword making hammer and walks away. The two Ertugrul’s warriors spot the spy and chase him. They shoot him an arrow and he walls down.. it is the chinky Mongol… they uncover his face and question him where is their leader.? “ Nar de”. He tells them Ertugrul is a captive of the Mongol Chief. Turgut sadly remembers Aykiz, he is sobbing and angry about Aykiz’s death. Dinner time at Korkut’s tent…Halime joins them later and they all invite her to join them on the table. They talk about Ertugrul. The warrior walks in and informs them about the Mongol spy who gives them the news that Ertugrul is alive and the prisoner of Mongols! Ertugrul is looking for an opportunity to free his nailed hand while the Mongol solders are resting and sleeping. Halime in her tent is hugging Ertugrul’s sword and praying for him while talking to his sword. Selcan is upset. Gundogu walks in and tells her he is leaving to lok for his brother??? The Turk warriors get ready to leave for revenge from the cruel Mongols. All Mongols are sleeping and Ertugrul is looking around him trying to figure out a way to escape. The Mongol spy returns with news for the Mongol chief about the plans of Turk Bey’s.. At Korkuts camp the warriors are getting ready to leave for their revenge from the Mongols. All the Ertugrul’s warriors led by Gundogu shout Allah O Akbar and leave with the Blessings of their elders. The Mongol Pagans also leave camp to get ready for the attack by the Turk warriors with Ertugrul nailed to the post Ertu manages to un-nail his hand and grabs the Mongol guard by his neck and kills him He then painfully pulls the nail out of his hand and opens the ropes off his other hand, drags the dead guard aside removes his uniform and wears it, as he walks away the Mongol guards find the prisoner has ‘kutcherd’ gone. There a pandemonium in the camp and the wild Mongol solders start looking for the escaped Ertugrul Gundogu is leading his men forward. Ertugrul dressed in the dead guards uniform escapes on a white horse, the Mongol soldiers are alerted… Ertugrul is free and rides across the meadow pursued by the crazy Mongol soldiers and suddenly finds himself facing the Mongol chief and the Crazy Mongol who recognizes him with astonishment and stares at him in surprise uttering,…”Ertuuugrul‼‼‼” Episode Ends
  8. Thank you Admin! I will watch the subtitled far there are 6 completed!
  9. Please do the summaries of Diliris. I will be interested in your summaries. I'm sure many other who are watching this great series will want to read the summaries!
  10. Yes, has put up his ENGLISH SUBTITLED EPISODE 6 on it's Facebook website.I believe he plans to subtitle the rest of the episodes too. i love this historical series and Diliris seems very interesting, fast moving and action filled with a some romance too. Hulya Durcan is Berguzar's mother, she is portrayed as a sweet but strong lady and a loving mother in this series.Her performance is very realistic and natural and convincing. I watched whole of the season one's 26 episodes on Utube..I couldn't stop watching it through till the end. It is a great series worth watching if you like historical dramas. Rating figures show 'Diriliş: Ertuğrul' as the top best Turkish TV series of the 2014 Season1. Similar to Karadayi season1 ratings. The 1st episode of the Second season of Dirilis Ertugrul will be shown on September 30th, on Wednesday at 20.00 on TRT tv!
  11. KPA had a weak script to begin with- the writers did not do justice to the series and it struggled through to the end