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  1. He actually looks way more manly. Age is just a number.
  2. Me too. I'm really sad. »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« I don't think that will work anymore. They don't even give shows a chance. I hate ratings. I hate channels. I hate them all.
  3. He looks good with the beard.
  4. I love her relationship with her dog. So sweet!
  5. Alright, it's quite nice anyway. And, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! You are the best. Nokta.
  6. https://www.izlesene.com/video/kara-yazi-5bolum-final-fragmani-30-nisan-pazar-2017/9830292 Episode 5 will be the final. This is getting too much.
  7. I took a look and think it looks nice, but I think it would look much better if you choose another picture. It's like all of them in the middle, and nothing on the sides. The colouring is perfect. If you have time, can I request a skin for CY, please?
  8. His love for Nihan? Or rather his obsession?
  9. Not confusing at all. You're very helpful. Sag ol, Hocam.
  10. Beautiful. How come heart is spelled in two different ways? We have a similar expression in Arabic. I love the Turkish language. I love this thread.
  11. Where's Sukru and Selin? I miss them..... Selim aka Zekkar is super fun on sets. Love him!
  12. We use this in Arabic too.
  13. We might as well join Poyraz in the mental asylum.
  14. Ladies, I'm done with mine. I'm not too optimistic about it but will submit it soon. I had fun writing it, but it turned out completely different from what I had intended. I just can't be mean, no matter how much I wanted to. Penguin, thanks to you I was able to write it and finish it. All I did was focus like you said. You're a gem. Angel, all the best. I hope your hand feels better. Fortune, you're going to kill it, yo!
  15. Thank you, dearest soul! You get me. I'll follow your advice although I'll say this, mine won't be a story. Let me get to it. Catch you all later.