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  1. I'm wondering for Suhan's test if it is referring to whether Cesur will choose her or not? Happy happy CvG day everyone!
  2. @Ilsa and @BD almost there canims! Can't wait to see you in the Ep24 thread soon!
  3. You are not alone at all, I feel ya!
  4. Uf he looks like he is regretting something he did/didn't do but at the same time worried/scared. It looks like after the party, after all the secrets are exposed. (yeah I couldn't anymore and ended up reading the summary) Btw that man on the side can't be Savci, he has a goatee - I wonder if it's a doctor? Another thing about the trump card - I'm wondering if it's supposed to mean the joker card referenced in the summary? Riza will likely find out that it was Suhan who took the CD from his room and that's why he is probably stalking her and finds out that she is pregnant from the hospital. And he will use this somehow against Cesur. I actually think whatever the trump card is it will connect to the end with the decision that Cesur has to make, yani it's in his hands not Suhan's. Which leads me to think that maybe the gif above is after whatever move he makes.
  5. Amazingggggg Tanjacim!!! Thank you so much! I love them all insanely!
  6. It hurts my head.
  7. My pleasure. We all are coming in and out so it's just a matter of patience. As you saw several of us helped out with it when we came in.
  8. Nice job, Humza! It's showing up with imgur because you are sharing the link. If you just want the photo make sure you are getting the image address itself. One way to do that from phone is by holding down on the image and selecting to copy it. Once you've copied you come here and select "insert other media/insert image from url" button and paste the url in. The photo alone should then show up in your text box. You will get the hang of in no time, so don't worry. It's great that you were able to post what you wanted. »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« Rizaaa
  9. I know and not just stress malesef, the writers know how on edge we are about this baby - remember what they put us through with that abortion scene - that they will use it to keep us tippy-toeing on thin ice. »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------««
  10. Humza did you see my post with a link to instructions on how to post your image? Try going through that I think it will help.
  11. No on touches Suhan not even stress better mess with her! She is carrying the most important baby in dizi history!
  12. You need to upload your image to an image hosting site first then copy the url of the image and post it here. Here are instructions on how to do that: Let me know if you have questions. I'll be in/out and will try to help you when I get the chance.
  13. Exciting fragman once again! It's always the second! Can't wait!
  14. Yay! Let's do this! Sag ol, Hocam!
  15. Evet Hocam özet kafa karıştırıcı.