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  1. "I do not have super powers to understand that if Dahan wasn't visibly acting angry toward her it doesn't mean that his anger was gone. To me either a person forgives or does not forgive. what he was doing was not made clear." I don't have super powers either, but in literature, movies, and other forms of art, there is always what is "implied"...reading between the lines...gauging what is unsaid by a look or how a character acts later. Everything is not shown - it's not possible. When Dağhan gestured (as you rightly corrected) to Selvi and put his arm around her, I did not read into that act that he had forgiven her. I saw it as an act of compassion. He cared that she was in pain and didn't want her to feel alone in it - as he didn't want to feel alone at that moment either. Did the writer have him say that? No. But that is how I saw it. You probably saw it differently. We all see things from our own life experience and understanding. That is why when I teach literature, I do not dismiss a student's understanding of a character's intention or the symbolism behind a writer's words. If it is way off base, in my view, I will suggest a different understanding...but I won't say that my student is wrong.
  2. Perfidious Adjective [per-fid-ee-uh s] 1. deliberately faithless; treacherous; deceitful: a perfidious lover. Origin: Perfidious has an unexceptional history in English except for one curious phrase. The English adjective has always meant much the same as the Latin perfidiōsus “faithless, dishonest.” The unusual phrase is perfidious Albion or its French equivalent Albion perfide. (Albiōn is a Latin name for the island or nation of England). Perfidious entered English in the 16th century; perfidious Albion and Albion perfide in the 19th century (Albion perfide has been in French since the late 18th century). “Soft words will not work with me, for I know you only too well, perfidious knaves!” said Don Quixote.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616), The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha ~ David Charles
  3. It's clear that we are seeing both Dağhan differently and how people react to things differently... Just because Dağhan protected Selvi in his house or wasn't visibly acting angry toward her doesn't mean his anger was gone. You can see how emotionally drained he is...the guy is tired. Anger does not disappear just because the heat of the moment has passed. I think Dağhan is choosing how best to deal with what he's been given. It wasn't the fact that Selvi was Vildan that angered Dağhan - it was that she hid it from him. He felt sorry for the child Selvi was and what happened to her.
  4. I don't think I am one of those people "who understands DagSel relationship too well", but it's true that I don't find their relationship difficult to believe. In fact, I find it one of the most realistic and adult relationships I've seen in a Turkish dizi. Most dizis have the leads acting immature or emotionally stunted, in my view. These two accepted the faults in each other like adults and didn't run off to sulk and pout for 5 episodes. Kudos to the writers!
  5. He was still angry about it - he was still hurt. Yes, he wasn't ranting anymore or smashing things, but the pain was still there. He wasn't over it. Anger doesn't go away just because you're no longer throwing plates.
  6. He was angry. We all say things in anger ...He didn't agree with what she did and still felt hurt by it, but when he calmed down and thought it out, he understood the why of it...and since her intentions were unselfish and not to harm him, he could still love her and feel her pain. People make wrong decisions all the time... and we all have to determine what is most important to us when it comes to loved ones who hurt us. I think Dağhan saw what was most important to him and it was Selvi.
  7. I think what makes Dağhan's continued acceptance of Selvi so believable to me, despite her lies, is the ability Dağhan has to look into the hearts of others. He first seeks to know their intention. This comes, I think, from what happened with Beril. He thought he knew her heart, but he didn't. They loved each other, but it was not a deep, abiding love. They were young and inexperienced with matters of the heart...and he learned the hard way that there are different kinds of love - some that withstand hardship and those that don't. Life and love are not black and white. There's a lot of gray...and if anyone knows this, it is Dağhan. When one knows the real intention of another, it is easier to know what to do. He understood that Selvi's intention was not to hurt him; it was not to protect was to protect him and her brother. That's why he could hug her and still love her. Unfortunately, the show did not have time to delve into all the details as we would have liked. They had a lot of story to tell in a short amount of time.
  8. LOVE this skit! They are hilarious!
  9. Good Morning, Book Loving Friends... "If it doesn't open, it's not your door." "A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart." ~ Goethe "You are what you do... not what you say you do." "One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people." ~ Jarod Kintz "Happiness often sneaks in a door you didn't know was open." Hope you have a magical day, canims...
  10. @lorelai canim: "Cruising on the Bosphorus at sunset." Uff!
  11. You're right. Thanks for correcting me...that's what I get for not rewatching. I still stand by their unspoken bond.
  12. @Diziashq canim...I think you're right. Selvi will care for Dağhan's mom, sister, and son her whole life. There's no doubt in my mind - and there wasn't in Dağhan's either.
  13. So true, Jelly canim! Engin brought Dağhan to life and made us FEEL the bond between those two characters. Fahryie too! We understood why they stayed together even after the truth was revealed. The truth didn't hurt them; it made them stronger because they understood each other's true intentions. Dağhan knew Selvi's heart and trusted it. And she adored him. When he stood at the window that night and saw Selvi's pain, he only had to look at her, and she walked into his arms for comfort. That's all he had to do. Nothing else needed to be said. They looked out into the darkness (and their fate) together. (correction: Daghan gestured to her) Uff! That small scene...that little gesture spoke volumes about the depth of love between them. They both acknowledged that their love would probably not end well, but they couldn't leave each other to fight the world alone.