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  1. I too haven't seen the 13 episode with subtitles ,I feel like it's not the real ending but a cover up for a quick ending to a story we all had great expectations and we're looking forward to enjoy.
  2. My crazy Moustafa love him either way
  3. Watching it makes me sad and then angry ,such waste of talent in the name of ratings. Thanks Nanou
  4. I thank you all for bringing us joy every time I have the opportunity to be here I see something new a photo a video or wonderful news . My friends I really thank you for that . But still I feel so sad we lost a wonderful series with complex characters, a magnificent cast and Engin shining in every frame I feel like they robbed us of something great.
  5. Yes ,but it is a more cute expression.
  6. I like the way he (σουφρώνει ) his lips I don't know the exact word in english »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« Thank you for the photos ladies
  7. upload image onlinecertificity.com
  8. He's so handsome ,I never get tired repeating it . Thanks for all the photos my friends .
  9. I like to think we will see him in a new projects soon a movie maybe . This time we did not get enough of him,the dose was too little. I find it hard to think we must wait a year or so.
  10. Hello handsome,I'm back and I won't move to go anywhere else . They made me so sad by killing you ,even if it's fiction,I can't watch you close your beautiful eyes for ever . It's okay to do so only if your go to sleep and dream of me .