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  1. Yeah..I know..Im just kinda very sensitive person well I dont wanna be sensitive but Im..I feel minor minor things and I expect too much from people (those who are really close to me)..So,ignore it...and thanks again for everything...
  2. Ok I will try next time..and thanks a lot for helping me and being here when nobody was there for me..thank youuu
  3. Now I understand something.. In 2nd trailer Cesur is asking Reza why you did that to me I think he knows that Reza put the Salih body in his truck it might be possible...and many thoughts will come into his mind that may be Reza is involved in his mother death etc..and may be thats why in summary it was mentioned that Cesur is one step ahead could be possible guys because Turhan will be confessed as Salihs murderer and everyone knows Turhan is interlinked with Reza..and he will knows about his obsessions over Suhan..the fact is that Turhan will never confess his self as a murderer I think Reza will set a trap for Turhan and he will be easily get caught in it...and his finger prints on gun will be a plan and trap of Reza to show Turhan as a killer in police mind.....and Turhan have nowhere to go...So he will confess that crime which he didn't do...
  4. Yeah,may be but thanks a lot for helping me..
  5. No,but its not like you guys post in a symmetrical way without any sign of imgur..
  6. Guys I think Cesur is in police station while wearing blue suit....
  7. Yeah it really helps me...thank you so much... »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« Thanks really helps me..
  8. Thanks lorelai but I want to share it here and there is no option to and where is imgur..
  9. Yeah but I cant post it in this reply to topic thing there is no option to post your own cellphone picture..
  10. Good for you....well these trailers are really torturing and clueless but Its fun to be there with all of you...and truly threough these trailers they are just making us to believe on what is not going to happen in real episode...I will be glad if you could join us..this thread is amazing with few persons those who works hard for this thread and share many posts and point of views and you are one of your spontaneous quitness isn't good for any of us..
  11. So nobody is going to help me.....Gooodddd
  12. Dear @Ilsa what happened why you are not contributing us and still here why and on what you are so disappointed.. Please share it...
  13. Guyss I need your help...I want to share a screenshot but i cant if i click on insert wxisting attachment and there is no option there is mentioned you don't have existing attachment...kindly help me how to share my own device pictures on this thread...I shall be very thankful to you....
  14. Yeah absolutely....but what he is upto.???.
  15. I dont think so the trump card must be that report because that will never happens what they show us in tralier..there will be something else which he called trump card...