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  1. The scenario is quite impressive for all the viewers...but as I said many times...they just want to make us believe on what is not going to happen in the real episode...Im sure many of our predictions will come true...but we all just guess many things on what they show us in trailer or summary..even we are still not able to conclude that cesur is either in hospital or police station and why Reza was seeing report in hospital and whose report was that we dont have any clue about that at all although we came to many predictions might be these are right or might be good luck to you all and hope for better and hope so they will try to fulfil the desires and demands of the fans and don't disappoint us..So,happy CvG day...and I wish you all have too much fun tonight...and your faces always kept smiling and all of your desires will come true...Be happyyyyy..Im getting emotional So, I wind up my words..always live your life with the joy of happiness...and no one in this world can beat you...So live free without the fears of scourge...and have faith in yourself... And world will seek the light of devotion from you alll...
  2. Yeah you are absolutely right! That could be possible..and may be the party is arranged in his he come as an owner of the hotel and reveal his self as a owner of the hotel in front of everyone...that could be possible..
  3. I think Reza character will be going to finished soon...and new character or villain is just on his/her way to korludag...
  4. I don't think so they are going to make that kind of third class soap story...So,don't be worryyy
  5. No, I don't think so, She is on Cesur sides and she knows that what kind of man Reza is...So,basically its would be an election victory party and most of the people of korludag will be invited and Reza will also come without any invitation..
  6. Tanjushka her face expressions are not good in the latest picure..its seems that she is kinda sick.....may be something happens with her in party and Cesur take her Queen to the Hospital...
  7. If this baby dies than all the viewers dies with him tooo..
  8. Woww..amazing they are going for party together...Hallelujah...
  9. Wowwww Detective....amazing work again.....
  10. Yeah..I know..Im just kinda very sensitive person well I dont wanna be sensitive but Im..I feel minor minor things and I expect too much from people (those who are really close to me)..So,ignore it...and thanks again for everything...
  11. Ok I will try next time..and thanks a lot for helping me and being here when nobody was there for me..thank youuu
  12. Now I understand something.. In 2nd trailer Cesur is asking Reza why you did that to me I think he knows that Reza put the Salih body in his truck it might be possible...and many thoughts will come into his mind that may be Reza is involved in his mother death etc..and may be thats why in summary it was mentioned that Cesur is one step ahead could be possible guys because Turhan will be confessed as Salihs murderer and everyone knows Turhan is interlinked with Reza..and he will knows about his obsessions over Suhan..the fact is that Turhan will never confess his self as a murderer I think Reza will set a trap for Turhan and he will be easily get caught in it...and his finger prints on gun will be a plan and trap of Reza to show Turhan as a killer in police mind.....and Turhan have nowhere to go...So he will confess that crime which he didn't do...
  13. Yeah,may be but thanks a lot for helping me..
  14. No,but its not like you guys post in a symmetrical way without any sign of imgur..
  15. Guys I think Cesur is in police station while wearing blue suit....