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  1. Cesur knows that Riza has collaborated somehow with Salih. Who was he talking to at the video where he was preparing his mom's trap? Our Cesur is a smart guy He also knows that Tahsin has killed Salih and hence Suhan can't go around the idea that her father is a killer but must be some proof this time around for her to start believing it Can't wait for tomorrow. Counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds!! Think I should consult a Dr for this Cesur ve Guzel mania of mine
  2. What better trump card for Reza than....the video where Tahsin KILLS remember????
  3. Found this summary translation which makes more sense: English translation of 24 episode summary ( to find the truth Cesur and Suhan have to be together once again and they will find some surprises while Cesur is trying to face Tahsin Korolodagh and put him in the corner, Riza is trying to get closer to Suhan but Cesur is watching and waiting Riza to make mistakes! Cahida decided to make use of what had happened to her to get Korhan back!! Merhreban is having Cocktail party and invite everyone in Korolodagh so it will lead to know some secrets while Cesur is trying to know the truth from Suhan and that's what she wasn't expecting....) If this is accurate...then HOPEFULLY will finally see Cesur finding out about the bébé????
  4. the scene where Cesur is in suit...the wall color troubles me...the only space I can think of with that wall color is at Korludag mansion as it seems to be the same color at the scene where Suhan is at the window all dressed up for the dinner with her dad where Riza later joined. We also saw a photo yesterday where Cesur goes to Korludag mansion all pissed off and where some people thought he was picking up Suhan for Mihriban party A Korludag mansion meeting with ALL 4 of them (Riza, Tajsin, Cesur, Suhan) COULD that be possible? Maybe he found out that Riza was there and stormed in???? DOn't know the dinner seems to be night time and the photo of Cesur in suit at Korludag mansion entrance, is at daylight... your thoughts peeps?
  5. maybe she didn't lose it but all stressing about the accident 'll give her some fresh new attention ?
  6. Thanks @Tanjushka ! still doesn't make much sense to me. what we know up yo now is basically that 1. none of the lead characters go to jail, 2. somebody takes the blame for the latest murder, most probably Hulya's baby daddy, 3. Mihriban is throwing a party, most probably pre-election event, 4. C & S will be on our screen for good and bad moments again!!
  7. His face doesn't say "I'm coming to propose"!! Rather...I'm pissed off (again!) . Don't think he 'll be picking Suhan to get to the party, I think they 'll meet there and she 'll be drinking soda (again!).
  8. Yuh! I think it's about time. Can't eat another 2 kilo bowl of pop corn waiting for THAT moment Inshalla this episode will happen!!!
  9. Wow! Brilliant analysis. So very much appreciate it. P.s and yes...i like him more as Cesur, not too young, not too old with those amazing dreamy blue eyes and perfect nose Thank youuu
  10. Well, well, well!!!!! 10/10! Great recommendation dear friend! Happy you got what I like and what not Superb!!!!
  11. Fabulous ath the last 10-15 CVG episodes you mean? Hell yuh!!! GORGEOUS at all episodes. Totally in love prefer him with long hair... dunno about KG. Haven't watch it but will after such great and many recommendations.
  12. Ahahahah! Bingo! KG is not for me then I watch only movies, series, etc when the actors are attractive Coming CVG coming soon, yes!!
  13. Lucky me, this chameleon always carries into all transformations the same amazing blue eyes,, tall height and broad shoulders
  14. i hope she tells him soon thas she is his baby mama ASAP so to at least overcome SOS the rules & regulations section of their marriage book
  15. Wow! learning so many new and interesting things here. It's great to have friends from all over the world Thank you all for your informative replies.