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  1. yes thats right...btw with or without beard he looks.....
  2. yeah!!! But looks more older
  3. Oliver you give me my morning dosis of Sarp....and woww that pictures are just
  4. She looks just like her sister
  5. I just finished the second episode and I liked it so far. Duru don't attract me much i think she is a bit boring ( I'll give it a little more time maybe in the next episodes this will change). For me the character more attractive is Ozge... I think she could put Can's life upside down and i think she will.
  6. I've started to see kara sevda and I like his character, it's so bad !!! The bad one always steal the show The first time I saw it I thought he was Emre Kizilirmak
  7. The best of luck Jonsen we will miss you ... don't go for so long
  8. that man is full of stupidity
  9. that would be catastrophic !!! Thank god the writers did an unreal job because if they had done the opposite, daghan would have ended very badly and the nameless would have taken care of it and all those bla bla bla
  10. i love that look she look so fresh but oh God must be annoying all those paparazzis following you around all the time
  11. I do not get it she is pretty..There are always jealous fans. they look good together
  12. in my country people say: " la comida entra por los ojos" That means that the better is the presentation the more you will want to eat it. Everything happens through the eyes
  13. I would cry while I eat that beautiful cake