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  1. Cesur ve Güzel Bölüm 24 Countdown
  2. @Vidya. Very nice illustration vidya canim, described savci bey's interest in cesur's case beautifully, you made a so good collage, enclosing everything in few pictures. He said rightly that "everyone in this village knows my duties better than me" they literally made a fool of him, he must put them in custody atleast for a day (but in single cell) for playing smart with police.
  3. Cesur ve Güzel Bölüm 24 Countdown
  4. Tesekkur ederim canims, I am just now looking at the countdown, yeah yeah finally it is thursday a guzelday, I will be there, sharp at 8 with you all.
  5. Yes me too, may be they did shoot with her but later they decided that decision of not aborting should be from suhan's own conscious and not influenced by anyone. So they didn't utilised the scene shot with her and they did the right thing.
  6. I am not disappointed, I am just trying this week to watch full episode directly without going through the fragmans released. Just resisting to have different /better experience while watching episode. Thanks for the concern, I am just counting hours now to enter that thread and be with all of you.
  7. Yes totally here, only sin I committed was reading the summary from izleyikiplatform, rest is all in control and how I was wishing today to be Thursday , but just a day is left, yes then we will be released. We will have after party then with all the ladies
  8. Brilliant @Tanjushka. You have chosen the perfect pictures to summarise each episode. Just perfect
  9. mihirban has pool, remember bulent calling banu, standing near pool after tango dance mishap and she declined his call
  10. I read the summary and based on that, here is my prediction Cesur and suhan headed out on journey to find the truth, once again are face to face with huge surprise : They were searching for the murderer of salih and eventually found that he is a murderer of cesur's mom and then police through investigation found out that actual murderer of Salih is tahsin, which surprises them both as both of them have never expected this to be proved so soon (cesur was firm that tahsin killed him) Suhan reached a point of confusion where she doesn't know whom to believe: after revelation that kid testified against tahsin, cesur claimed that he tried framing him in the murder, which is hard to believe for suhan(or she doesn't want to believe such thing) and meanwhile tahsin claims that he didn't killed salih rather he came to kill him and he was defending himself only that time then he left from the place and he has no idea who later killed Salih. due to lack of evidence police cannot keep tahsin in custody. And kids testimony only proved that it was not cesur, who killed him, him being at different place at the time of murder, but could not somehow prove that tahsin is guilty, although he witnessed their scuffle. But cesur is firm in his belief that he murdered him and tried framing him. Cesur used an opportunity he see to face off with tahsin korludag questioning him such questions that left him breathless : cesur go and face tahsin asked him questions regarding his father's murder, why he covered adalet for 30 years, what was the interest that he was invested so much into protecting her, why he burned his grandparents alive and something related. (nothing concrete as they can always bring up something new, which is beyond our thought process) Riza is looking forward to getting close to suhan using what he posses and cesur waiting patiently for him to commit mistake: Riza now being owner of hotel is trying to deal with suhan, like approaching her for flowers, glasses or similar business with hotel, to somehow getting involved with her through business, getting to directly contact her, staying in touch with her. And cesur now had learned about his obsession for suhan through suhan or shirin and wants him out of korludag or back in prison. So watching him carefully also to ensure suhan's safety and to collect some proofs against him. Cahide is determined to utilize mishap in her favor to get close to korhan, but things does not happen as expected and she being in danger sharpens her nails : either cahide has miscarriage or she is under super critical condition due to that fall, in this situation she throws all tantrums in front of korhan, to seek his sympathy but korhan is now more determined to keep her away from his life, if baby is alive he has decided to divorce and keep the baby and if baby is no more(it would be misfortunate if happen, I hope baby lives) he will divorce her immediately, so she will become dangerous and started acting against the korludag family members, harming them. (btw huliya has recording of cahide talking about horse accident and fire by violent) Cocktail party is arranged by mihirban : she must have won the election so she threw a party for whole korludag people or may be for campaign. Cesur and suhan came face to face: they keep coming face to face always, and they must for our sake come face to face, we love them. All secrets are exposed : may be regarding tahsin-riza collaboration or only about suhan's pregnancy or something else they can surprise us anytime. Cesur is left in limbo after learning truth from suhan: he learned it in cocktail party through some event that she is pregnant, event could be anything, so much can happen, but finally he learned and can't believe but finally is happy. Suhan is firm in her decision but aware of test awaiting her: her decision regarding leaving the place and bringing up baby all alone if cesur doesn't give up on revenge, don't know about the test that she is aware of, it could be something asked by cesur, he might have put some questions in front of her and to reconsider her decision and include him in her all plans. (Or he might have asked her to marry again)
  11. Her curves disappeared in this top
  12. Tabi canim, I hope I get my lesson and could continue to do so for future segments, the episode has to be bomba gibi after this much sacrifice.
  13. I am missing harder everyone, crying here in silence but managed to get kivanc's pic somehow consoling myself with that