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    Hello, all.... I'm a 60-year old female who fell in love with Turkish TV dramas on Netflix after randomly clicking on Karadayi...what an introduction to Turkish TV culture! Of course, there's Kenan, who is adorable to watch...but there's also the Turkish attitude towards stray cats...! I do cat rescue in my spare time (meaning ALL my extra time!), and particularly work with community cats. I have great admiration for the way Turkish citizens respect the stray cat population and am amused every time I see strays randomly crossing the street in the background of whatever scene I'm watching.
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    I've read the original, and now the revision...
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    I'm new to the forum...found it after I fell in love with Turkish TV dramas on Netflix, trying to find like-minded people... I've read the rules and hope I've interpreted them correctly... thanks for creating this forum!