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    Hello , everyone I think that, one of the things comes out during Mirhiban cocktail - Cd record with Salih killed his mother Cesar. Cesur is dressed in a white shirt and a suit when watching the recording probably with Savici in fragman 2. I think people in Korludag know the truth.
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    Thanks girls...Thanks, Now I understand that
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    I have question for you guys...Can anyone tall me: In ep 23 what does Cesur say to Suhan at time 1:02:35 and Suhan smiles?? It was before they went to the forest together.
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    Maybe you have a right. I hope so but what if Tahsin or Riza go to jail. What do you think?? Which one of them choose that kid?
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    In this episode, Cesur and Suhan saw a video of his mother's murder. So this case resolved - Salih murderer - is dead. The kid pointing Tahsin or Riza and clearing Cesur from charges will be too easy. Maybe this little kid was scared before.
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    I think Savici Bey bluffs and the kid will show on Cesur.
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    I do not know what to say ...In fragman Suhan throws a calendar on the wall. A few days earlier, there were photos from the backstage with the ambulance and Tahsin. In my opinion, Cesur in the blue T-shirt is probably going to the hospital because Tahsin felt bad again. Probably by the situation in the company. The next time when he runs 100% to Suhan, who decided to have an abortion. I hope she don't do it....
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    Hey can somebody answer me? I got lost in your comments. What did the judge ask Cesur and what exactly did he answer? He said something like that "Istyorum ..bey..Evet" ????
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    So at the end the judge asked Cesur if he wanted a divorce and he replied, "I want to, yes" - I understood it well?
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    What did the judge ask Cesura during the divorce? And what did Cesur answer ... or if I understand correctly, Cesur wants a land after divorce?
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    I can't understand Cesur. He loves Suhan and I understand his hatred for her father but his hatred is greater than his love...
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    OMG they really dance that.... The scriptwriter reads our forum....it's crazy...
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    I do not know what or who will separeted Suhan and Cesur. One thing is certain - it will definitely have a relationship with Riza. But seriously what's can happend....Pregnant or divorce - Now they are angry at each other but they must hate each other for something worst...
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    Guys, tell me how Ece reads in our mind.... It is impossible...Dance - all of us wrote about that lately...
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    I think, when he learns about it, so many thinks will complicated...