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  1. Yes, yes, yes, that's the right explanation. OMG!!!
  2. I still think it was Tilbe Saran.
  3. What a superb episode we will watch....too many traps ... I don't think Suhan will tell Cesur about the baby, not yet at least... I'm annoyed by the fact that in all actions Riza is omnipresent.......
  4. Make a small rectification. Cesur will answer "leave breathless". In fact, Turkish-language translates Cesur's questions leaving Tahsin breathless, and not vice versa.
  5. Another version of the translation The secrets are coming to the surface in Korludağ! Cesur and Suhan are together to find out the truth, but will face a great surprise. Suhan is in shock, he does not know who to trust, and Cesur finds a way to face Tahsin Korludağ. Cesur will answer "leave breathless". Riza seeks the opportunity to get closer to Suhan and he uses trumps that is in his hands. Meanwhile, Cesur follows him and patiently waits to make a mistake. Cahide will use the accident that happened to her approached Korhan, but the situation did not go as expected. Feeling threatened, Cahide relapses again. Mihriban organizes a cocktail in his home, and Cesur and Suhan are facing again. At this reception, which will bring together the inhabitants of Korludağ, there is a scandal that will reveal some secrets. The truth she learned from Suhan, Cesur brings in a dilemma. Considering that he had made the final decision, Suhan expects a great exam he did not expect.
  6. I think Riza makes a foolish remark about the hotel in the presence of Tahsin and Suhan or Suhan asks Tahsin to explain the alienation of the hotel in the presence of Riza to see how it reacts. After Riza's departure, Tahsin tries to lie to Suhan, but she has no arguments in front of her. In any case, Suhan has a heated discussion with Tahsin and tells him that he will inform Serhat about the hotel, and maybe Tahsin admits to Suhan that he killed Salih by mistake, asking Suhan to help him.
  7. To your question: does it is possible that suhan can marry Cesur again without marrying to another person.... Answer: Yes it is possible. Thinking from another perspective. If you ask me about Cesur, I can guarantee that the only person with whom to marry again is Suhan. If you ask me about Suhan, I can not guarantee that she will not be married to Bulent or Riza in the meantime, it is very unpredictable. But I can guarantee that in the end she will marry again with the love of her life Cesur...
  8. Dear Humza, I said there was a possibility ....., and I don't think that will happen. PS. Cesur constantly monitors Suhan, so I don't think Riza has too many chances....
  9. How to quit CvG, you can not From this moment it becomes more interesting, because Cesur will realize what Suhan wants to do and I don't think he will let her do this sacrifice for him.
  10. Remember Riza's plan ...,Cesur to kill Tahsin. Riza did not give up on his original plan.
  11. There is the possibility that Suhan will accept marriage with Riza to be as close to the enemy. She definitely understood that between Tahsin and Raza is a dirty job and she wants to discover the real killer. She first suspects her father, she knows that Riza is very dangerous but this marriage with him removes Cesur from her (in fact she wants to protect Cesur from her father and Riza, who are the biggest enemies).
  12. Raza's priority is Suhan, he knows that if he has Suhan, he has everything he wants .... property and money. Here Raza makes fatal mistake, because Suhan is in love with Cesur and will do anything to prevent him from realizing his plan.
  13. I think the boy did not choose any of the three suspects, I mean Tahsin, Riza and Cesur. From this moment it becomes even more interesting ep. 24. I think Serhat has a brilliant plan playing a hoax to find the real guilty.
  14. It was really night, but they kissed deep.....,in the dark PS. for Bulent was the last kiss given by Suhan