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    When he stood at the window that night and saw Selvi's pain from across the room, he only had to look at her, and she walked into his arms for comfort. That's all he had to do. Nothing else needed to be said. They looked out into the darkness (and their fate) together. Uff! That small scene...that little gesture spoke volumes about the depth of love between them. They both acknowledged that their love would probably not end well, but they couldn't leave each other to fight the world alone. @Meltem You really describe very well characters and their emotions and underlying meaning of actions by them. I really want to know your thoughts about dream sequence in Ep.8 as I adore that one.
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    @Diziashq The review was really bang on.Actually I was thinking the same but could not put in the words .Really you expressed my feelings as well.For me also Dagsel Love story is out of the world.
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    @Jellybon "Daghan and Selvi relationship and unconventional love story was an example of love and sacrifice beyond the power of understanding. It was short, but way more intense than any other love story in any two at three seasons long series. For this, their love story will remain forever living. Very well said ,I really feel the that this Love story is intense at the same time unusual ,we have it short but it was very well portrayed by Engin and Fariye that we lived their emotions along with them.
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    @Angelina Very well said their chemistry is out of the world .This couple is outstandingly performed by Engin and Fariye Just by convening emotions through their eyes. We really feel heartbroken by their unjustified separation. I really don't feel this kind of feeling for any other couple.
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    This Video makes me very emotional which I found on youtube you may like this
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    @Nanou / EnTu beautifull post actually it made me emotional again for Daghan and Dagsel. I really miss them.
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    @Laura D. Same here but i wish if Engin can act any of the adaptations that will be great.I will watch that show even if i do not understand their language .
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    @Tas I wish not only Bollywood ,hollywood should notice his talent like our Irfan Khan he can also do Hollywood Films with Meaningful roles and best directors of Hollywood.
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    @ Tas it will be "sone pe suhaga" .
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    @Ruqaya Really it is irony that they could not understand the Value of Olene Kadar and Engin. We as Viewers are felt defeated by their action of abrupt ending of this show .As we loved this show and Performance of Engin very much. May be we hope Engin can work any of the adaptations done by other country who value his talent.
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    @Nanou / EnTu "In all, I will always remember Daghan as one of Engin's finest performances. His moments with Selvi, his mother, his father, his son, Ayese, Mehmet and Osman will remain in my memory. The way Dagsel said “Olene Kadar” to each other is craved in my heart. I loved their chemistry in joyful , sorrow, dispute, teasing…situations, I'm gonna miss them cok :" I really like your review most of the above comment .Really this is one of finest and great performance by Engin.
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