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  1. Is that Levi's branding head seeing this picture??
  2. Awesome! Challenge with a desert date palm ;-) This is so similar to cherry blossoms in Japan. I have similar bloom in Beijing.
  3. @Andrijana Firstly RIP to your dad's friend. I believe that his suffering has been shortened by Almighty's mercy. For they say, Your funeral begins the day your born For some its short, for some its long!! PS: During my vacations, I heard two deaths of close family friends( due to old age). I was feeling extremely helpless of never to seem them again; memories floating with those white clouds, with a prayer on my mind :((
  4. Walk from Staromestska crossing Vltava on Charles Bridge - Praha *Alana excuse for wrong construct of the sentence* ;-)
  5. Thank you Alana for putting those posts on Shakespeare. My first memories of reading his work, is in grade 7 as abridged version of Merchant of Venice. By high school we had a 5 text books for English(ICSE syllabus) Julius Caesar was our drama text book. Act 1, scene 1 "Hence home you idle creatures, get you home!!" Enter Flavius, Marralus & throng of citizens. I can recite few scenes by heart. Now that's etched on my grey cells forever. To get better grasp of old English, we had to converse with thou, thy, sentences ; write essays/autobiography passages with old English & finally enact few scenes periodically. For costumes, we folded old white bedsheets into halves & cut a round hole for the neck at the folding lines...thatz the unisex toga!! Btw, that edition of the book had in page 10, had a nude roman statute. Now that was very scandalous for a growing body n mind ;-) So this fun continued for 2 years. High school are best days of my life!!!
  6. This is so cool. I am sharing with Harsha now!!
  7. Boosting my EQ!!
  8. I googled, its the Turkish name for Hungary
  9. Since rules are meant to be broken, I will submit after deadline. Hard pressed for time next few days. I want to remake this as Dumb &Dumber. I want friends here to cheer up since they are affected by the sad ending!!!
  10. He was bug-eyed browsing the internet which show cased all the haughty ideas. His smile thinking of her, changed to panic since there was only four more days to go. He ordered a silver trinket. Yes this is February, love is in the air.
  11. .....see I gave away a good line for both of you!!
  12. Aiyyo is a common south Indian language oh no or oh dear etc.