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  1. @green king this post is now my reference for understanding the male species' psychology. I agree with literally everything you said here, and yet again, its always very fascinating to approcach the topic of how boys think from a male perspective. I think that in general women can put on better pokerfaces than men. We're just so much better and much more skilled at hiding our true feelings, even if what we choose to express might be the exact opposite of how we actually think. It is one of the reasons that (and I dont mean to generalize at all - im just depicting a model here) women are in some ways more emotionally intelligent than men are. You can see it depicted in Cehan for example; Cesur lets his feelings show more easily and isn't afraid to admit them. For a man, its so easy to be blunt, because its the way a man's mind is. There's a rational way of explaining a man's behaviour, and most of the time its very transparent. As you said, men are at heart still boys with their toys, but they project this mentality on adult situations stangely enough. Anyway, I wont be able to explain the male persuasion more than you have so thouroughly elaborated. Thanks again for this post.
  3. Thank you for the fragmen Tanja and for and @Issey for the translations. So the 2nd fragmen mirrors the first in the sense that it doesn't let on much about what we're in for. I mean the dramatic factor is still there, but the big game changer that we're so anxiously in suspense over is sure to be revealed only during the episode, so we'll have to wait and see in sha Allah. I do feel that Cesur confronts Riza on the Suhan issue and possibly tells him to back off or else. Riza will retaliate by being more eager to get to her......Tahsin looks rumbled in that jail scene with Cesur - it looks like a hell of a confrontation! Mirhiban gloating is very amusing to see, there's no reveal about Cahide so I can only assume it's bad news.... All in all, the fragmen seems to pach together a series of random events that are all connected together but seem chronologically independant. Dont we love these fragmens..... I must say I do have my Cehan antenna set up though for this episode - as all of you girls rightfully described - Mirhiban's party is sure to be the occasion for them to have a little heart-to-heart. Im hoping for longlasting gazes, sweet romantic words from our Korludag Romeo, and hopefully THE baby confession from Suhan. Fingers crossed!!!!
  4. I know. It was the finishing touch added to his love for her. Her being there her protectiveness. He really needed that from her in that situation I think if they were ever to have some form of a plausible future together baby or no baby
  5. Ikr it really is as simple as Abc for him. Money will allow him to have the property the status and the woman he desires. He knows no better. He's like a child that never got to expérience reality and the nuances of it first hand. And for that reason he's living in a kind of delusion. Its very disconcerting...
  6. @Toprak canim great post I get what you mean by Suhan seeing the baby as some sort of psychological hindrance even she wants it as in her mind the baby factor would cloud Cesurs judgement in that sense shed never know whether he would actually choose her. Although it unfair that she continues to keep it from him...
  7. @Lisettyser youre definitely right. Riza wont be obvious regarding his strange fixation with Suhan but I wonder why he'll go and see her....a confidence boost perhaps since he's threatening Tahsin?
  8. Thank you @Tanjushkacim for the summary and photos. I really hope Cahide hasnt lost the baby but it really looks like it. As for Riza he looks like he's up to something...but Suhan has her guard up since being informed of his obsession for her. I just hope that Shirin tells Cesur as well.... @GüzelLikeThat thank you for the post on Kivanc's miscellaneous personas it was very enlightening
  9. it's so cute how much he appreciates Tuba to actually put her on his twitter profile pic. She must have made an impression, even the actress the plays Shirin praised her
  10. thank YOU canim - not as brilliant as you »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« I know right canm I was LMFAOing at that blatant product placement loool. She spent ages in front of that mirror »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« thank you for this @Velove cim this showed that Cesur was slyly pushing her for a candid answer, and yet again she dodged lol.
  11. @shane cim and @Nisan cim,your fan fic fuelled imagination does run wild indeed I agree with Tanja. You guys should really put it to good use for us after season 1 in the summer inshallah.
  12. Oh snap is her hair tied back or what ?!!!
  13. Ah yes will do thank you Nisan cim
  14. Your imagination gives me chills ! I think wed all spontaneously combust !!