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  2. I'm wondering for Suhan's test if it is referring to whether Cesur will choose her or not? Happy happy CvG day everyone!
  3. Canims,do you think you are intimidating me? When I say I can teach him, I really mean it! Do you want me to present you with my diplomas?? In fact I have the right according to greek law to teach french as a foreign languagel!! Salmacim, lets make him choose and may the best wonan- french language teacher win.. »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------«« »»-------------¤-------------««
  4. I wonder what the hashtag for tonight's episode will be? Have they revealed it yet? #frenchlessons maybe
  5. he's a hell of a teacher, jésur.
  6. R

    But what puzzled me was his lack of interest when the murder site of Salih was revealed compared to him jumping up from his chair when he was informed about Cesur's hiding place......
  7. And suddenly everyone speaks French
  8. I think he will "end up" with Mercan in a different way though! I think, once she knows he can't be with her as a lover, she will choose to be close as a friend, and a good one too. I am sure she has feelings for him, but at the same time, she is smart enough to know that he's the kind of man who doesn't easily give up the love of his life! And it's not that I can blame her, being around in such a good looking, good hearted, honest, fair and the list goes on guy, chances to not fall for him are zero! I've said before, I'll say it once more, I do like this girl a lot. But not for Kemal, for Burak may be.....
  9. Oh this is so cute I love them both on and off screen
  10. for the french part #iykwim le jésur et la guzelle
  11. I just forgot it!! I want to see it!!
  12. OMG! @lorelai did you read this?
  13. Her dog is named Fufu....and apparently half her pics on instagram are with the little furry muffin.
  14. S

    No guys he can come up to me for french language, im a highschool french professor 😁
  15. You know what they say Lenster...creative chaos happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Good evening my lovely ladies. I am so looking forward to the new show now and discussing it with all of you. It's going to be fun.
  16. Opening of of his latest movie ... a comedy I believe
  17. This is actually hilarious
  18. L

    Why do you think like that? First he would never fall for her he made that clear, plus I think Nihan has suffered enough, they need each other and last they have a kid together who needs both of her parents
  19. @green king this post is now my reference for understanding the male species' psychology. I agree with literally everything you said here, and yet again, its always very fascinating to approcach the topic of how boys think from a male perspective. I think that in general women can put on better pokerfaces than men. We're just so much better and much more skilled at hiding our true feelings, even if what we choose to express might be the exact opposite of how we actually think. It is one of the reasons that (and I dont mean to generalize at all - im just depicting a model here) women are in some ways more emotionally intelligent than men are. You can see it depicted in Cehan for example; Cesur lets his feelings show more easily and isn't afraid to admit them. For a man, its so easy to be blunt, because its the way a man's mind is. There's a rational way of explaining a man's behaviour, and most of the time its very transparent. As you said, men are at heart still boys with their toys, but they project this mentality on adult situations stangely enough. Anyway, I wont be able to explain the male persuasion more than you have so thouroughly elaborated. Thanks again for this post.
  20. What can we do canim? Yani nobody can give French LESSONS better than Cesur so.......
  21. Toprak: #7 lorelai: #9
  22. @Tanjushka Make it a #9 for me
  23. I like it, the colors really represent the feeling of the show. Well done my friend!
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